The Ultimates #7

With the new Avengers movie coming out in May, I'm reading The Ultimates to familiarise myself with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Colour commentary is provided free of charge.

Soooo yeah. Hank Pym, aka Giant Man, using a weird helmet thing, ordered a whole bunch of ants to attack and possibly kill his wife Janet, aka Wasp, because apparently no man in the Ultimates universe is rational or non-violent towards women.

Betty tells Tony and Steve that she knew Hank was a violent spouse, but did nothing to help Jan. I don't want to cast aspersions or judge the actions of other human beings because I know that we are all as human beings on a very difficult journey, but let me just say: directly observing abusive relationships and sitting on your hands about it is not the gold standard in friendship ladies and gents.

Meanwhile, Thor arrives for a meeting with Fury, and is apparently one with the seagull.

They agree that it is strange that Cap hasn't shown up, since he is usually the poster boy for punctuality, timeliness and the American way. However, we learn that Cap is defying every fic I've ever read about him, and competently using a computer to search for Hank!

I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt here and say that he's only using dumb voice commands because in comics that is how everyone uses computers, since hunching over a keyboard looks silly and anyone who works in the entertainment industry thinks that speaking to computers looks cooler.

Predictions for next issue: Steve beats the shit out of Hank? A woman tries to explain away the unacceptable behaviour of a man by saying he was justified, and then adds it is kind of flattering? (oh, also, Hawkeye and Black Widow made very brief appearance in this issue, so let's hope there's more of them coming up!) Onwards to ish #8!

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