The Children's Crusade #6

This week, I'm recapping the Young Avengers: The Children's Crusade, a nine issue story that just wrapped up this month. You can start with my commentary of the first issue, here.

Nate takes Wanda Maximoff and the Young Avengers back in time to observe the day that destroyed the Avengers: when Jack of Harts returned from the dead and killed his former teammate Scott Lang, AKA Ant Man. Except they don't just observe.

Cassie is able to get her father to a safe distance before the explosion kills him, and the whole incident seems to have returned not only Wanda's memories, but also her powers. She remembers being the Scarlet Witch, and now everyone is witnessing that day once again, even Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye, another Avenger who died that day.

All you need to know about Clint Barton is that he has fucked everything that moved.

Jessica Jones: Oh, my god, Clint! You had sex with her!
Beast: What?!?
Hawkeye: Can we focus on the impending catastrophe, here?

Tee hee. Anyway, things are going a bit differently this time around. Ant Man's alive, and the Ultrons and the Kree are attacking Wanda, rather than the team. Kate sends Tommy in to help her, and threatens to use him for target practise if he calls her "Hawkette" again.

And then Clint says he's happy there are two Hawkeyes in the world, and everything gets fucking badass for a second.

Cassie confesses to stealing Pym particles from her dad and turning into Stature, and he is all "*sniff* my giant-ass daughter is a super hero, and today I avoided certain death, today is working out really well for me you guys".

So Cassie gets big enough to take Billy to see Wanda, who appears to be trying to attract the combined attention of the Ultrons and the Doombots in order to have them kill her. Billy confesses that the reason he went looking for her in Latveria is that he believes he and Tommy are her children.

And then I sobbed, because oh god.


Tommy is unimpressed. He knows that since she murdered her teammates and removed the powers of millions of mutants, he'll soon be losing the mother he has just found.
Tommy: So, what was the point?
Wanda: The point is, you were doing your job when you came looking for me. You brought a known criminal to justice. But more than that. You've given me a chance to see what extraordinary men you've become. I only wish I were worthy of you.

Anyway. Then some rando X-Factor dudes show up, and Wanda offers to give them back their mutant powers. It works! Hooray!

Then the X-Men show up and Wanda promises to give them what they want:

Next issue: something goes HORRIBLY WRONG. Probably. It's Marvel, what else could happen? CERTAINLY NOTHING GOOD.

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