The Children's Crusade #2

This week, I'm recapping the Young Avengers: The Children's Crusade, a nine issue story that just wrapped up this month. You can start with my commentary of the first issue, here.

So the team have just busted Billy and Teddy out of Avengers HQ when Magneto shows up and claims that they are Wanda's "spiritual heirs", and this will somehow help him find her.

When they do close-ups like that, I seriously cannot tell if it is Erik, Pietro, or Tommy. Welp. Talk about a family resemblance.

Magneto wants to take the boys to Wundagore Mountain in Transia, and Kate and Eli want to remind everyone that Magneto is a terrorist. Then the Avengers show up, and it all goes to shit on a stick pretty dang quickly.

Magneto says the Avengers won't look for Wanda because they don't want to find her, and if they did find her, they'd kill her, just like they'll kill Billy if he starts getting out of line. Wolverine is all "damn straight we would". WAY TO GO LOGAN, that is definitely how you go about getting a scared superpowered teenager on your side.

Billy decides the only way to solve the problem is to find the Scarlet Witch, his spirit mama, and he is going to do it whether the Avengers approve or not.

So he magics Magneto and the Youngvengers to Transia, where Eli informs them that thanks to Billy, they just "allied with Magneto, fought the Avengers, and then fled the country!"

Billy answers his concerns by offering to send them all home so he and his granddaddy can go on a magical vision quest. Kate kindly asks him to stfu, because they're a team and are there to help him. So in the name of making them less conspicuous, Billy transforms their uniforms into the costumes from The Sound of Music.

Yes, that is the Vision in a nun's habit. That is a thing that just happened.

The group visit the grave of Magneto's wife, Magda, where we get the quickest recap of the little dysfunctional family that could. Feeling guilty that his zealotry drove Wanda and Pietro away from him, Erik swears he won't repeat his mistakes with Tommy and Billy. Billy asks them to hold hands so he can try and reach out with his feelings to find Wanda, to which Tommy replies:

Erik: And I have a new favourite grandson. 
Aw, adorable family bonding! So Billy figures he can sense Wanda in the village, so Tommy speeds off to find her. Except, instead, he finds....


I'm kind of curious as to the logistics of their suits, here. I mean, they are very nearly identical, right? Green bodysuits with some silver touches. Does Tommy's suit go all the way to his skull, up over his ears? How does it stay up? What are those goggles attached to? Did he make it himself? I know in that Spider Man movie they show Peter Parker making his own suit. Am I to believe all super heroes make themselves a flashy catsuit? Or is there like, a store, where Tommy was all "make me a suit ALMOST IDENTICAL to the one worn by my kind of evil uncle, okay?" And they were all "you got it kid, one jade green Quicksilver suit, because otherwise how would readers know that you are related to him?!"

ANYWAY, Pietro is all "grr I shall kill my father!" and Erik is all "boys, meet your Uncle Pietro" and then Pietro and Tommy have a race! It's kind of cute, but then Pietro grabs some wooden stakes, for some reason? and throws them at random civilians, trying to kill Erik, because that seems super reasonable, and one of these random villagers happens to be Wanda! Oh noes!

except no, she's not Wanda, she's a doombot.

Next issue: Is Wanda really being held captive by Doom? Will Tommy and Pietro continue to be adorable? Will Tommy threaten to rip someone's legs off if they hurt Billy? Why do I not remember why Kate is the team leader instead of Eli? Only time will tell.

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