The Pull List: Nov 28th

Last week I was cramming for exams, so while I still had time to read everything I didn't really have time to put together a recap, so I'll hit last week's pull list and then jump into this week. Let's start with last week.
  • A+X #2
  • All New X-Men #2
  • FF #1
  • Gambit #6
  • New Avengers #34
  • Thor: God of Thunder #2
  • Uncanny Avengers #2
  • X-Men Legacy #2

A+X is a new Marvel NOW! book featuring two different stories and two different team ups between an X-Man and an Avenger. This week we had Rogue and Black Widow taking down a rogue sentinel on their day off, and Iron Man trying to recruit Kitty Pryde to bring her genius on board for his company.

In the first story, Black Widow injured her hand and had to share her knowledge with Rogue so she could take a killshot, and Natasha chose an interesting way to let Rogue absorb her power.

Can you hear the fanboy squeals from here? I can.
So, that happened. The art in the second story was gorgeous, and Tony and Kitty are super cute together.

Beast's mutation starts to kill him and with nothing left to lose he decides to travel back in time to warn Scott about his actions during AvX. He returns to his own time, with the teen versions of the original X-Men in tow, which, you know. Was pretty traumatic for everyone involved. INCLUDING ME. ESPECIALLY ME.

I'll never ever get over Logan's love for Jean Gray. Never.

With the Fantastic Four going on their big magical space adventure, the Future Foundation is being left in the hands of Scott Lang (Ant Man). Reed straight up tells him he wants Scott to look after things while he and his family are gone, because he thinks being around kids will help Scott get over the recent death of his daughter, Cassie, during Children's Crusade. (Sometimes I think that will stop hurting but then BOOM. Cassie death! Ow, my heart. Anyway...) It's all round adorable and Matt Fraction is writing it (as well as the new Fantastic Four title) and listen if you haven't worked it out by now, I'll pretty much read anything that asshole writes. I only capped this one panel of Johnny trying to figure out if he's forgotten to do something important, because Johnny Storm is the original dumb blonde.

He then proceeded to ask Darla what she thought about the Thing. You know, Ben Grimm the Thing. Oh Johnny, you're lucky you're pretty.

Not much to report here except that I'm kind of in love with the head of the fictitious British super secret special agency MI-13, Pete Wisdom. He's a bit of alright, as they say. Remy continues to wear skanky catsuits and pose in stupid strong female character configurations so I'm satisfied.

This is where I spent most of my screencap energy. Fucking fuck fuck fuuuuuuck. I teared up at the end of this, even the second time I read it! Okay. So. As previously mentioned, the brother of the previous Sorcerer Supreme (Doctor Voodoo), Daniel Drumm, has returned from beyond the veil or whatever and was possessing people and generally fucking shit up for Stephen Strange in retribution for how he thinks Strange led Doctor Voodoo to his death. Luke Cage quits the team for REALS THIS TIME to go take better care of his family. Looooots of great moments, including Cage selling Tony back the mansion for $5, a huge profit on the $1 he (borrowed from Danny) paid for it a year or so ago.

Strange did get all ripped up pretty though, which I appreciated.

Have I ever told you guys how much I like seeing my favourites in pain? I should probably be ashamed but I AM NOT.
There's a big battle in which Drumm possesses various Avengers, and at one point Carol (Captain Marvel) decides to SWING TONY AROUND LIKE A BASEBALL BAT and it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Eventually, Stephen gets his digs as Sorcerer Supreme back, which was wonderful to see but I want to see some follow up angst from him not really wanting to accept the mantle once more since he fucked it up so badly last time. 

Girl look at that body. That's the Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto, btw.
Also! In the middle of the fight there were several different pages by different artists, and it was very cool. I liked the change up a lot. IN SUM, I AGREE WITH DAIMON, THIS ISSUE WAS BADASS.

We'll be seeing more of the Son of Satan, rest assured.

Ehhh. I dunno. They tried to convince me that Wanda (Scarlet Witch) would side with the fucking Red Skull to wipe out mutants again. With like, zero convincing. That is some straight up bullshit, man. They're also continuing the really gross shots of Xavier's brainless body, which I do not appreciate. I'll keep reading but I'm not super jazzed about this book.

Legion, the disturbed and powerful son of Charles Xavier, learns of his father's death and loses it, and a bunch of people die. He had a prison constructed inside his psyche keeping all his multiple damaged personalities at bay and now they're all loose and this book showed me I really need to do more reading of the X books. It's good though! Legion is pretty cool and his hair is utterly absurd. Seriously, look at it:

It's always like that, too. He's not like, upside down or anything.
I also spent this week finishing off the second volume of New Avengers, so now I'm totally up to date on that book, which I highly recommend! 

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