The Pull List: Nov 21st

This week on the pull list:
  • Astonishing X-Men (2004) #56
  • Avengers (2010) #34
  • Captain America (2012) #1
  • Captain Marvel (2012) #7
  • Deadpool (2012) #2
  • Hawkeye (2012) #4
  • Iron Man (2012) #2
  • Journey into Mystery (2011) #646
  • X-Factor (2005) #247

Astonishing X-Men #56

I started Joss Whedon's critically acclaimed run on Astonishing X-Men but never finished it. I KNOW GASP I AM A TERRIBLE FAN. Anyway I caught the last seven or so issues because WEDDING ISSUE. After gay marriage passed in New York they wrote a storyline where Jean Paul Beaubier (Northstar) proposed to long time partner Kyle Jinadu. And then they got married and it was adorable but Wolverine had a bomb inside him and exploded. Later, the X-Men fight the bad guys and then afterwards Jean Paul takes his husband out for a bridgetop fast food date, because he knows how to woo his man right, y'all.


Avengers (2010) #34

The guys get back from the Microverse (with a little help from previously disgraced ex-Avenger Simon Williams (Wonder Man) and throw a 'welcome home' party for Jan. Steve and Tony are a bit married.

"Leave me alone. I am a senior citizen."

Captain America (2012) #1

Did you guys know that the variant of this issue that I wanted cost $50? Because it did. Also, that was not the most expensive of all the variant covers available for this issue. Needless to say, comics are a dumb hobby and you should never get started with them. Anyway I only have one point to make about this, which is that it featured a little snapshot of Steve Rogers' childhood. Now, we've heard before how Steve's dad was a drunk, but Rick Remender has chosen to add the extra spice of wife-beating for no extra charge this time around.

But basically the whole point of this is to show that Steve got his whole "always stand up to the bullies" attitude from Mama Rogers and that's kind of unusual, I think.

"Why don't you just stay down, mama?"
"Because you always get up."

Because it's very common for fathers to play a huge role in the backstory and character development of many Marvel heroes, and Steve Rogers can be one of the most hyper-masculine characters in the Marvel universe, but a lot of what makes him him came from Sarah Rogers. The rest of the story is a pretty standard romp, and also we find out his sometimes girlfriend Sharon Carter proposed, but he hasn't given her an answer yet.

Captain Marvel (2012) #7

Carol punched a shark. It was awesome. Artist Dexter Soy is back and holy crap did he draw an eerie-as-fuck underwater graveyard for mysteriously downed planes.

Deadpool (2012) #2

I haven't read it yet but there's a hilarious panel where Wade tries to interrupt what is clearly the awkward pre-drinks phase of a hippy orgy at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Wong <3 <3 <3

Hawkeye (2012) #4

It was okay. David Aja isn't doing the art for the next couple issues. We are reasonably sure Clint hid a black AmEx card in his butthole. I don't want to talk about it. MOVING ON.

It's time for Porn Faces and Tony Stark's Smile is Terrifying, I mean Iron Man #2.

Iron Man (2012) #2

I don't even want to be bothered recapping the plot of this issue, I'm just going to mention that Tony's building a new AI from scratch and it's kind of adorable.

Journey Into Mystery (2010) #646

JiM just wrapped up the 'Everything Burns' storyline, which involved a bereaved Thor bringing his brother Loki back to life in the body/mind of a young Parisian orphan boy. Kid Loki, as he became known, fought to avoid his fate as the bringer of the endless cycle of destruction and rebirth known as Ragnarok, and eventually ate a magpie and became regular old Loki again. The writer of that title, Kieron Gillen, is moving to the new Young Avengers title due out in January next year, and JiM has a new main character: the lady Sif, and a new creative team, writer Kathryn Immonen and artist Valerio Schiti. 

In this issue, Sif rescues some Asgardians from a burning library, decides kids these days should get off her lawn, and goes to speak to a dragon in the land of the dead about some super great warriors who she wants to learn how to fight like. This dragon alternates between being adorable and threatening to eat her skull-first.

Corpse-eating dragon. Likes treats and skritches.
Dragon tells Sif to go see someone called the Teacher, who Sif summons with the appropriate gravitas. 

"Blah blah bring forth unto blah blah your father's filthy leggings."
The Teacher gives Sif an older, more pure form of beserker rage, so she can be a more ferocious fighter. Sif promptly cuts the Teacher's head off, because now she loves killing? I guess? I really enjoyed it, Sif makes the best "I'm so fucking done with this peasant bullshit" faces and I'm stoked she's got her own title <3

X-Factor (2005) #247

I swear it came out this week but I don't have a proper link. Anyway Layla and Jamie got maaaaarried in Vegas and then got caught up in a murder investigation and then later had a Dupe/Layla/Jamie sandwich, because when your new husband can make literally endless copies of himself, what the fuck else would you spend your honeymoon doing?

That's all for the pull list this week. I also got some Wolverine, some Daredevils, a new Hulk, some Ultimate X-Men and some Spider-Mans, but I either haven't read them yet or didn't find anything noteworthy, so I'll see you kids next week xx.


Anonymous said...

"Sif rescues some Asgardians from a burning library, decides kids these days should get off her lawn, and goes to speak to a dragon..." - the best!

I'm upset about the awesome illustrator dude not doing Hawkeye anymore!

Also; "couple issues"? No Katy, no.

KettleBelle said...

Listen, "anonymous", awesome illustrator dude returns after two issues of a guest artist. IT'S LITERALLY A "COUPLE ISSUES" I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE YOU WANT FROM ME.

(also hi yes sif is the best i am going to make you read JiM in the flesh because of how great she is.)