The Pull List: Dec 5th

This week's pull list includes:

  • All New X-Men #3
  • Avengers #1
  • Hawkeye #5
  • Iron Man #3
  • X-Factor #248

I enjoyed this bit of random redshirt banter:

until Cyclops and Magneto showed up and fucked everything up, and learned that their powers are acting really strange now that the Phoenix Force is gone. Erik gives Scott some hard fucking truths and Emma Frost shows up briefly to be flawless. 

Trying to get out in front of the next potentially Earth-shattering disaster, Tony and the big main movie Avengers (Thor, Cap, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk) head to MARS to investigate a disturbance. The disturbance is a bunch of cosmic assholes who've decided to mess around with galactic evolution. They're terraforming Mars, and it is SO INCREDIBLY PRETTY OMFG. 

Also, Black Widow and Hawkeye continue to be precious sassy cuties.

'The man with all the money' being Tony, of course.

The end of 'The Tape' mini arc. Basically flawless, I love David Aja with the fire of a thousand suns but Javier Pulido knocks this one out of the park. 

Just a couple of badasses, being badass.

Tony is tracking down the Extremis enhanciles that got sold off on the black market after the death of its creator, Maya Hansen, and he takes a so-called 'stealth' suit into the compound of a Colombian drug dealer who was trying to use it to cure his sick daughter. Tony being stealthy goes about as well as you'd imagine, which is to say he gets caught INSTANTLY and has to go into a firefight with a suit light on offensive capability and sheilding. TONY.

 Anyway Tony ends up giving the guy the improved version of Extremis so he can cure his kid. Good Guy Tony Stark.

Last issue, Pip got shot by a woman in the middle of trying to convince her he was famous actor Peter Dinklage. This issue, he fights his way back from the beyond only to find himself accidentally taking up residence inside the mind of Monet, instead of his own body. They attempt to track the woman who shot him by using Longshot's psychic abilities and Shatterstar's teleportation, while Ric takes a moment to object to Star's tarty behaviour and Star takes a moment to be a tart.

Lorna 'Polaris' Dane does not take shit from bisexual polygamous alien warrior buttheads.
Don't worry Ric he still loves you best!

While the team attempt to sort out the confusion, Layla and Jamie make their way back home after gettin' hitched in Vegas, but are attacked by a bunch of crazy bad guy cultists who say 'X-Factor will fall' and are in general a pain in the ass. 

This week I also started the teen Avengers book Avengers Academy (2010-2012) which just finished recently. Basically, a bunch of kids with power were captured and tortured by Norman Osborn and when the Avengers defeated his HAMMER organisation they identified the ones most at risk of becoming super villains. These at-risk kids were offered positions in a school ostensibly designed to produce the next generation of Avengers, but obviously this is just a ruse so that the adults can keep an eye on potential threats. The kids find out about the deception in the first issue, and it's basically just a whole bunch of ridiculous comicsy teen angst, and I love it. It's well written and the art's consistently good. I recommend it!

That's it for the pull list this week. See you guys next time!

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