New Weekly(?) Feature: The Pull List 7 Nov

Do you kind of like comics? Are you almost curious about what goes on in them from time to time? Congratulations, friend, you're officially the target demographic of this new weekly feature I am maybe going to instigate around here: The Pull List.

I read like, I dunno, 20 or so comics a week? Something like that. I figure why not share the happenings with you all, since I'm sure you can't live without my witty insights into the Marvel Universe. It'll be awesome, seriously, like that episode of the IT Crowd where Moss gets an app that gives him a few knowledgeable-sounding phrases in the attempts to sound like he knows the fuck what he's talking about in relation to sports, except I promise this won't result in you accidentally becoming getaway drivers for petty thieves or having to make out with a person of the gender you're not attracted to in order to avoid police suspicion.

Not directly, anyway. You can't prove nothin'.

Spoilers ahoy.

Defenders (2011) #12

This week's pull list starts with the final (sob) issue of The Defenders, written by Matt Fraction with art by Mirco Pierfederici. Stephen Strange, former Sorcerer Supreme, is sent back in time T-1000 style in order to prevent the destruction of the planet Earth as we know it. His first stop: the booty call that began the whole series.

Molly, how'd you know the Doc was such a cheap date?
Why does he answer the door with his shirt half off? Because Doctor Strange is the Marvel Universe's biggest tart, that's why. LEAVE THE GRAD STUDENTS ALONE, STEPHEN.

Anyway incapable of taking my advice, for he his fictional, and foolish, Stephen beds the lovely Ms Grace, but they both come to regret it in the morning.

Present!Stephen then proceeds to nudge his past self into making a slightly different choice than the one we saw him make earlier in the run, meaning that the Defenders as we know them (Namor, Betty Ross (Red She Hulk), Danny Rand (Iron Fist), and the Silver Surfer (amongst a few others, like Felicia Hardy (Black Cat), an alternate universe Nick Fury, and Scott Lang (the non-douche Ant-Man)), never actually got together in the first place. A bittersweet ending, as Stephen's little change means the world doesn't die, but the team never starts. I loved this book, and would heartily recommend all twelve issues.

Avengers vs. X-Men (2012) #5

Next I read the final issue of the AvX Consequences mini series. This is the fallout from the latest big Marvel event, where basically the Phoenix force was repelled and a bunch of people around the world suddenly had new mutant powers. In this issue, Magneto, Danger, and Magik break in to the prison housing mutant martyr Scott Summers (Cyclops) in order to free him. This basically sets everything up to be pretty much status quo with the upcoming new Marvel NOW! X-Men titles. The only thing I found of note in this issue is that you have to try pretty fucking hard to impress Magneto. He's seen some shit. Giant tentacle globes ripping the shit out of an allegedly state-of-the-art prison facility? Welcome to Magneto's Tuesday morning.

Mags' fuck forest has burned down. He has no fucks to give.

Avengers (2010) #33

After receiving a distress signal from an Avengers ID card, the team discovers that Janet Van Dyne (Wasp), thought dead for the past year or so, has actually been on the run from some bad dudes in a place called the Microverse. It’s basically a universe so small it exists in between the molecules of the main Marvel universe. So Steve (Captain America), Tony (Iron Man), and Hank (Giant-Man) shrink down to rescue her.
Meanwhile, the rest of the team sit around and eat hotdogs.

You thought I was joking, huh.

Anyway the bad guys who are chasing Jan manage to capture the boys too, and Jan apologises for dragging them in to her mess. Hank tells her he’s the one to blame for her current predicament, and that she should be mad at him.

You all came to get me. My Avengers.

Avengers (2010) #33

Then she calls them “my Avengers” which made me squeal because Jan’s the best and she was the only original line-up lady team member and they’re her boys and they came to rescue her and she’s adorable and I love her.

Cap demonstrates his entire character in a single panel, like so:

Bad guy. That’s all I needed to know. Where’s Tony?

Avengers (2010) #33
Punch the bad guys, worry about Tony

And then Tony demonstrates his entire character in…a couple of panels. Basically the bad guy is trying to get him out of the armour because he thinks he can sell it, and he’s using the only thing even remotely strong enough: Cap’s shield.

Then there’s a big bang, and Steve says I know that sound because yo ucan pretty much guarantee that wherever there’s an explosion is exactly where you’ll find Tony.

X-Factor (2005) #246

This month’s X-Factor was a look at how Pip keeps the teem together without them even realising. It was pretty cute. Look at these adorable assholes:

Deadpool (2012) #1

↳ Deadpool (2012) #1

Ahh, a fresh new brand-spankin’ #1, part of the new Marvel NOW! reboot/rebranding/reshuffle thingie. The Merc with a Mouth (Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool) is now in the hands of a duo comedian Brian Posehn and writer Gerry Duggan, with art by Tony Moore, and has been tasked with eliminating the reanimated remains of former United States presidents. That’s zombie!FDR up there in the screencap, and that pun is pretty much indicative of the tone of this book. Stupid puns all up in there.

Also some quality Wade butt.

I'm sorry.

Next time on the Pull List: I still have a few other things to read that came out this week, so expect another post soonish? Maybe? Including: New Avengers, Avengers Academy (final issue), Avenging Spider-Man (final issue before being replaced by NOW! title Superior Spider-Man), Daredevil: End of Days, the brand new NOW! Iron Man, Scarlet Spider, Uncanny X-Force, and what I’m assuming is the last X-Men issue before they rebrand for NOW!, I’m not entirely sure.

I’m busy beavering away on my Nano this month (as well as studying for uni exams) but I always have time for comics, and now, so do you!

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