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Mass Effect, the hugely popular video game containing my second favourite love interest in a video game (Kaiden Alenko. First spot is totally Ali from Dragon Age, in case you were wondering.) could become a movie. Legendary Pictures has picked up the rights to the Electronic Arts-BioWare sci-fi adventure game.

I'm worried. As a commenter at io9 pointed out,

a 2 hour movie will boil it down to cheesy stereotypical aliens, cookie-cutter sci-fi technology and hackneyed plots.

I'm not looking forward to seeing a dude running around having everyone call him Shepard. As far as I'm concerned, the guy on the box art is the Citadel's answer to a Star Trek redshirt. A meaningless extra, killed off as cannon fodder within the first minutes of the episode.

I found Mass Effect: Revelation to be a bit of a let down, and I'm aching for more of the ME universe. Holy frak I love all of the alien cultures and the locations and the ships and the Prothean technologies. If I'm totally honest, somewhere deep down I am yearning for this movie.

But if it gets turned into cookie cutter scifi with a stoic dudely protagonist and sexy blue alien ladies, I won't be surprised. Just disappointed.

Legendary Pictures? Don't forget that for a lot of people, Commander Sheperd looks like this:

and for still more people, nothing like this. So the ME movie needs to be about someone totally new. Which is kind of an exciting prospect, I think.

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