this is a Queen post

I just saw this article on ontd and it reminded me how much I fucking love Queen.

Every time I hear Somebody to Love I cry.
Every . Fucking. Time.
Doesn't matter where I am, what I'm doing, what my mood is like, how much I've had to drink, who I'm with, or even who is performing it, I tear up like a little bitch because thinking about Freddie Mercury makes me cry.

He taught me what gay was. And yet I never saw him talk about being gay. I know he's supposed to have said he was as gay as a daffodil and I mean come on those jumpsuits what...
, but he was unfathomably talented and his death is a genuine tragedy, spoken and written about by people much more articulate than I am. But his music, his costumes, his performances, said 'I am what I am. So what?' and that ain't just a queer thing.

I can't help but feel that people owe Mercury a lot. Yes there have been so many other amazing role models like him, and yes there are plenty of other painfully talented musicians and songwriters, but no buck-toothed moustachioed men are still singing to my soul eighteen years after they died, not like Freddie.

So yeah. Adam Lambert can make out with his keyboardist on stage at the AMAs. And he can talk about there being a double standard in relation to boy and girl musicians kissing other boys or girls. There will be a backlash, and he will get performances cancelled, and he'll sell CDs and not sell CDs. I for one haven't heard any of his music which I am assuming is fucking terrible. I don't care, because it's not the point.

Freddie, you are so missed. You'll never be replaced. Shitty pop stars ain't got nothin' on the original good old fashioned lover boy, but they sure do have a lot to thank you for.

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