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Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I have a confession to make. For several years in my mid to late teens, I was a goth. This may come as no surprise to those of you who know me, because it is statistically likely that any chubby girl who likes Placebo will indeed eventually turn to the dark night of gothdom. I've cheered up in recent years but my brief stint in black lace lasted up until as recently as 2002, as evidenced by the below photo:

So you understand that when I link you to the incredibly funny Goths in Hot Weather blog, I do so with fondness and love in my heart. I am not without sympathy for our leather and velvet-clad brethren.

I too, know only too well the pain of growing up in a relentlessly sunny country, in a stupendously blessed beach town, bathed almost perennially in the kind of sunshine that makes you feel like a free man after years of enslavement. I know exactly how it feels to be so exhausted from stomping around in several kilos of black cloth and chains. I am intimately familiar with having my eyeliner go all runny after a few hours at the beach.

Oh, my sweet, sweet children of darkness. Remember: waterproof foundation will resist melting, even in the heat of an Australian summer. Liquid eyeliner is your friend, but you must earn its respect.

Goths in Hot Weather, via BoingBoing.

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