Wii Fit

The following is a direct, unedited journal entry about my daily attempt at training with Wii Fit. Feel free to skip the rest of this whole post if you ain't interested in my exercise exploits, you won't find anything to enjoy from here on out!


Found it really difficult to get to sleep last night and didn’t end up drifting off until after 2AM. Then up at 6:40 and off to the gym. Started back at week one of my pushups plan and it was H A R D! 20 minutes of yoga seemed to drag but somewhat hot gym guy made me feel better. Looked forward to getting back to Wii Fit all day and despite the 30+ temperature today I walked home one train station extra. After my dinner I jumped back on the balancing board only to have it tell me I’d gained 0.7 kilos since yesterday! Whatever, Wii Fit. I put down the wiimote and tried again, and this time I had lost 0.4 kilos since yesterday. Then when I went to do my training and it had to readjust again. I might have to start ignoring the weight measurement/BMI entirely, at least in minute details day-to-day. This could make goal tracking a problem, and I’m really bummed that the board appears to be so hypersensitive.

Anyway, on to the training. Today I tried to make an attempt on each exercise just to get them all clocked up. The only one I haven’t done is the 2P jogging, and that’s because I don’t have a 2P! Lunges were a lot easier today, but I was a lot wobblier during the yoga than I was yesterday. First attempts on the pushups/side stretches, jackknife, ski jumping, table balance, and a couple of yoga poses, and I kicked ass at the jogging as well as the rhythm step exercise.

Overall I would characterise today as a disappointment, with the changeable results from the Wii balance board and my apparent slip in good posture. I am certainly sore but less exhausted than I was yesterday, despite slotting WF training into my usual routine, and I’m still very much looking forward to tomorrow, as well as unlocking more exercises.

But for now, I’m going to watch NCIS before this little lamb hits the hay.

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