The following is a direct, unedited journal entry about my daily attempt at training with Wii Fit. Feel free to skip the rest of this whole post if you ain't interested in my exercise exploits, you won't find anything to enjoy from here on out!


Began with fitness test, apparently have gained almost a whole kilo since yesterday. Have concluded BMI/weight measurements are bullshit, and I either need to seriously watch what I drink in the hour before I weigh in, or just stop expecting to see it drop, even though I’m working my butt off and dieting and stuff. Anyway, whinge over, I hope that it is just some internal Nintendo thing to make me stick to the regime, and it’ll come good once the game decides to start being honest. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Fitness age went from 25 to 30.

Did some hoola-hooping, jogging, rhythm step (so much fun! This one is definitely my favourite), some muscle work (jackknifes hate me) and then some yoga. Skipped the balance games all together because I’m just no good at them and haven’t got the patience to spend enough time working out the sensor’s quirks. Plus, the stupidly long wait times getting in and out of those things drives me nuts!

Speaking of wait times, I am beginning to see the reasons behind the most common complaint about WF. Being able to put together a program of select exercises would be nice, and though the game comes close by suggesting which strength exercise goes well with which yoga pose, each time you want to do a new thing you gotta exit out to the main menu and select it. Tedious. Pushes workout time out above the 35 or so minutes I’d like to spend on it, but for now it is bearable.

Exercise time: 31 minutes.

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