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Been a while huh guys! Sorry about that. I got a job! And classes started up again. I've still been reading a shittone of comics but haven't really had the energy or motivation to review any :(

Today I'm here to get YOU in to comics with the amazing news that until March 12 (Tuesday) over 700 individual digital issues will be freely available, both via the Marvel site and Comixology. You can then read the comics in a web browser or on your tablet device, which is pretty neato!

The Comixology app seems to be running again after getting bombarded earlier today by presumably a bunch of eager comics fans looking to discover or rediscover some of the deliciously free #1s on offer. There are over 700 titles available for free and it can be a bit overwhelming but here are a few (ha ha haaa) of my recommendations.

In the NOW titles:
  • all of these are currently ongoing, perfect for people new to comics in general or just new to specific books
  • creative team reshuffles! it can be a good thing, for example Matt Fraction and Mike Allred on the new FF 
  • it can also be shitty, like the tasty Kieron Gillen centre of the Greg Land poop sandwich that is the new Iron Man
  • highly recommend X-Men: Legacy. It's a great little book with consistently kick-ass covers
  • here you'll also find Young Avengers which is also a great read
Acclaimed and Noteworthy:
  • wait I thought John Carter was the princess
  • hmm this is a bit tricky because obviously with the classic avengers title there are volumes upon volumes to go through and it can be tough to know where to start
  • definitely check out the origins one-offs, learn more about Ant Man and The Wasp, Luke Cage, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, Thor, and Vision
  • grab the Widow movie tie-in so that Marvel knows we are literally desperate for female solo stories in the cinematic universe
Captain America:
  • learn about one of the most important characters in Steve Rogers' life (aka the one fandom has worked rly hard to erase): Sam 'the Falcon' Wilson, in Captain America & The Falcon
  • also Nomad and a couple Winter Soldiers because hey Bucky angst is great angst (get a leg-up ahead of the upcoming cap sequel: Cap 2: Brainwashed by the Russians Boogaloo)
Ain't nobody got time for those cosmic heroes (or Deadpool or the Hulk sheesh) let's move right along to

Iron Mans:
  • the Extremis arc. read the whole thing if you can, it's brilliant. Adi Granov's art is gorgeous and Tony spends a lot of time in his underwear with internal injuries and it's gr888 (you will be able to leave the cinema after Iron Man 3 loudly proclaiming the many various ways in which the film did not match the source material and who doesn't love being that guy)
  • meet another erased character of central importance to the main protagonist! Lieutenant Colonel James Rupert 'Rhodey' Rhodes, aka War Machine. He was Iron Man for a while! He's Tony Stark's long suffering best friend! He's a badass and don't you forget it.
  • oh and the Iron Man Noir book is imo the best of the noir books so get that too, see how you like it
  • Rescue, by Kelly Sue DeConnick, is the story of how Pepper put on a suit and started saving lives. this concept has received some problematic treatment by fans who think the only way a woman can kick ass is by putting on an iron man suit and that wearing jimmy choos somehow prevents awesomeness as a character but as always don't let fandom's shittiness drag you down, lil' internet warrior
Marvel Events
  • I am exhausted just looking at this section
  • here read The Confession and see if you can spot why 'superhusbands' is the biggest ship in the armada that is comics slash
  • Siege: Loki is a good investment if you ever intend to read the Journey into Mystery/Everything Burns/Kid Loki saga (I JUST PAID FULL PRICE FOR IT LIKE 2 WEEKS AGO DO NOT DO AS I HAVE DONE, GET IT NOW WHILE IT'S FREE)
Marvel Heroes (aka everyone else who's not an X-Man)
  • hoo boy this is a big section for me
  • okay so obvs if you don't take this opportunity to get Hawkeye and Captain Marvel we're gonna have a really messy friendship-breakup
  • also Captain Britain and MI-13 is brill
  • V2 and V3 of Daredevil. You can't go wrong
  • some delicious DELICIOUS Doctor Strange stories (hot tip if you know me irl anything with this goober in it is an EXCELLENT birthday gift idea)
  • also if you've not checked it out yet, Invincible Iron Fist is great (especially for fans of hawkguy, this is Matt Fraction and David Aja working together beautifully, as usual)
Miscs (aka everyone else who's not an Avenger)
  • I grabbed Marvel Zombies 4 because it had Daimon Hellstrom on the cover (don't judge me)
  • Greg Rucka's Punisher has been on my 'to read' list for ages
  • also War Zone which apparently finishes off that run
  • let's all appreciate Sif for a moment, shall we?
  • also our lady of misandry and vibrators Valkyrie
  • go on give joss whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men a go
  • read everything about X-Factor and then go out and buy all of Peter David's X-Factor because if you really loved me you'd read X-Factor (this is also a great gift idea but you'll probably have to check with me first since there were a few X-Factor teams and only one of them is my absolute favourite thing of all time and also I own a bunch of the trades already so just, y'know, send me an email before you buy anything for me, okay? Cool.)
  • Magneto: Not a Hero is a good lil mini
  • I also got Namor: The First Mutant because

  • Namor.

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