Avengers Annual 2012

Look, I don't know how comics work. I assume that "annuals" are just one-off stories that get released every so often in order to entice new readers into a main series?

My first thoughts: I really like Steve's new outfit.

So Simon Williams (Wonder Man), angered that the Avengers still have the gall to exist despite all the bullshit he thinks they've caused, attacks their home, Avengers Mansion, which by this point I am honestly surprised they keep rebuilding, given the amount of times it's been levelled.

Luke Cage comes charging in as everyone is picking themselves up, going MUFUQQA THREW ME TO THE BRONX, WHERE MY WIFE, WHERE MY BABY, and they can't get Dr Strange to wake up.

But the baby's fine and they get a med team for Strange and then there's a fight with a team that Wonder Man put together. He wants the world to know that the Avengers are too dangerous to carry on.

He also thinks they were wrong to let Wanda (Scarlet Witch) bring him back from the dead. So he calls a press conference and has a big prissy monologue about it, before the Avengers capture him and his team.

He talks to Hank McCoy (Beast), who apparently used to be his best friend, and tells him he loves him, but the Avengers can't go on any more, and everyone will see that he's right.

Then he busts outta whatever thing Tony had set up to keep him contained and disappears, and we see a bunch of news reports going WHAT ARE THE AVENGERS HIDING, WHY WON'T STEVE ROGERS ANSWER THESE ALLEGATIONS etc etc.

Also just quickly mentioning the fact that Jess and Luke hired Squirrel Girl to be their nanny.


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