Adventures in Wii Fit

The following is a direct, unedited journal entry about my daily attempt at training with Wii Fit. Feel free to skip the rest of this whole post if you ain't interested in my exercise exploits, you won't find anything to enjoy from here on out!


35 minutes exercise time in total. Unlocked several new games, the improved rhythm step, which was so much harder, and a couple of muscle ‘challenges’. Since I do ‘girly knee pushups’ and the Wii doesn’t seem to consider those good form, I did very badly on the press up challenge, but I kicked that robot British man’s ass at the jackknife challenge. I’m going to look in to a proper plan because without some guidance I am wont to just do the bare minimum of games/exercises that I enjoy, without much thought to what good it’s doing me. Weight stayed the same today, after a few heavier than normal meals, so at least it’s not going up anymore. Am proud of my very first weekend attempt at WF and it feels good to get back to it after two days of silliness.

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