New Torrid Site

Every month I set aside approximately $AU100 for the Torrid.com clearance half price sale. After my first ginger tiptoes into the brand's sizing, I quickly established my groove and can easily come away each month with a few t-shirts or singlets, and a pair of good quality trousers, or amazing shaper stockings, for the same price you can often spend on a single item.

They've just announced a new website, which looks great. They've not added the functionality to search by size just yet, but when they do, I just might branch out of my monthly sale splurge!

It's great to get a hold of quality plus size gear that is not completely lame, and their gorgeous models are all bigger gals, so it minimises the chance of that post-parcel-opening disappointment that can sometimes come after an impulse online buy. A plethora of realistic pictures is the closest thing to actually trying the items on when you're shopping for clothing online, and the ability to snare a pair of pants for under $10 on sale is a great, risk-free way of investigating that website's sizing.

I don't always like their range, and they don't accept non-US PayPal accounts, but there's so little choice when you carry a few more than common, Torrid's stuff is a welcome blast of chic and style.

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