Fairfax Digital Tries to Pass Off Google Street View as Own

This is so lame.

Fairfax's real estate arm, Domain.com.au today emailed its subscribers an update on their website's search functions, in light of Google's release of Street View for Australian cities.

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The email, and a special Domain.com.au page set up to explain the changes, contain no reference to Google, and features a screenshot of the Domain website's toolbar, featuring an un-branded version of Street View, integrated into the rest of Domain's tools.

Now, I read No Logo in high school like the rest of the world, and am a fan of the generic as much as the next lady, but this is just poor form, Fairfax!

I generally use realestate.com.au for my unending search for the perfect apartment, with a great location and cheap rent, (so far zilch, by the way) and haven't been on Domain's website in a long time, but when I saw this email, I wondered why they were trying to pass off Street View as their own creation!

It is totally sweet to be able to hit up a view of a house from its street (and check out any potentially disastrous neighbors while you're at it), but by not providing any acknowledgment of where Domain.com.au are getting this service from, this appears to be a completely shameless attempt to capitalise on Google's work.

Links and credit are due on your tutorial page immediately, Fairfax Digital! It's 2008 and you should know better than to at the very least flout netiquette, and at the worst, try to take credit for somebody else's work.

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