Pet peeve #1,003,937

Smacking 'causes mental health problems' for children

"SMACKING and yelling at children is causing a rise in mental health problems, with three-year-olds suffering from depression and anxiety.
" From news.com.au.

People who think that a studied psychologist releasing a scientific research paper into mental health problems amongst the very young is an excuse to call talkback radio stations and advocate the physical abuse of children.

You are annoyed you cannot beat your child? I am annoyed that when someone stands infuriatingly on the spot for the two steps' worth of time the train station escalator is entirely horizontal, I cannot firmly shove them in the back to encourage a brisk walking pace, rather than a zombie-like stupor, but you don't see me ringing radio stations to complain about it. You see me muttering to myself and leaning uncomfortably close to the backs of their necks, trying to stop myself from touching their hair with claw-like fists of rage.

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